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Processing of goods

PhuNghia’s Manufacturing processing Bamboo and Rattan basket


Step 1 :Material concentration

Bamboo and Rattan are cut and processed right at forest to assure quality control right at the source. The bamboo trees are cut into bars in sizes from 20 to 35, they are then skinned and dried.
Rattan can is chopped into from 5 feet to 7 feet lengths.
After the bamboo and rattan are completely processed, it is then suitable for utmost quality processing for all buyers.


Step 2 :Weaving

Our professional weavers are hand-chosen from an elite group within the immediate community. It is at that time that production plans, specifications and requirements are met for each item(s). With continuous supervision of constant high quality production, any defects discovered are then eliminated.


Step 3 :Incoming Quality Control

Quality control is the foremost concern of PHU NGHIA BAROPRODUCTS

. Quality control is maintained on a daily basis and under constant supervision.


Step 4 :Color processing

Our color processing is conducted in 3 basic ways:
Processed by Hand Coloring by hand is the most convenient way of applying a multitude of colors for our customers. Its advantages include durability and sustained performance over a long period of time. Dyeing
Dyeing is the key and answer to most challenges of time and labor. Steam is then generated from a heat-feeder for processing, in which, dyes are mixed with water and filtered to remove all foreign matter.
Once the foreign matter is completely removed, the residual natural color remains within the boiler for a period of time to sustainment.
The advantages of dyeing include numerous colors, minimum time consumption and obviously at the least expense.
Carbonizing and Steaming Carbonizing is the most effective way of making colors. Fully trained employees oversee quality control and all aspects to assure even color. These products are then placed into a vat with hot steam applied at high pressure into a heat feeder, and onward to the main boiler.
This process includes removing all starch, sugar and glucose within the bamboo and rattan, thus creating opulent, attractive natural brown color. Its scent and aroma are mutually pleasing.


Step 5 :Gluing and shaping

The next primary step is gluing and shaping. This is accomplished by a number of employees with one overseen Quality Control Manager. The glue and resin is wholly non-toxic and is applied to strengthen all aspects of bamboo and rattan products. This entire process creates an enormous strong product. Any defect covered by our skilled workers is completely removed from production line.


Step 6 :Drying

For cohesiveness purposes, all products are placed into drying rooms before packing and cartoning.
Hot air is again applied from a heat feeder during the drying process. Each of our large 4 drying rooms can process 2x40 foot containers during any given 8 to 10 hour processing time.
By utilizing several racks during this process, this eliminates any and all product deformation possibility.
Regarding the water content value and humidity levels, it is thoroughly and constantly checked
During the entire process, thus providing some of the best products in the world.


Step 8 :Packing and cartoning

Any requirement for UPC code labels, Logo identity or other requested attached labels are encouraged and promoted by this firm. In addition, any additional requests for individualized and specialized packaging can, without a doubt, be accomplished by PHU NGHIA BAROPRODUCTS


Step 9: Fumigation

After loaded the goods in to container the VIETNAM FUMIGATION COMPANY  Fumigation the container by METHYL BROMIDE (CH3Br) 48GRS/CBM.